About Digital Doodlers

Tajuana Cherry Graphic & Surface Designer 

A self taught watercolor artist and painter that has infused her craft with digital marketing. Embracing diversity is the most important thing to our brand. Coming from a small rural area, being one of two of the only minorities within the graduating class was eye opening. Chasing diversity was something that had to be done. Spreading positive images of women, animals, and things is what we want to be remembered for.

True Power Jacket

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You might have noticed the abundance of black women represented within our brand. Hopefully you noticed! If you're looking for one of a kind gifts or graphics for black women and girls, you've found the spot! We’re working on loading up our site but until then you can find us on Etsy, Creativefabrica, and Designbundles. Another focus of ours is, other races too, it's important to us to be inclusive, not exclusively black. Our brand wants to unite us as a whole, we all bleed red at the end of the day. Let's work harder to love one another.

Design & Marketing Portfolio

Many of our designs have sentimental value! Mental health needs to be something that people are not looked down upon for seeking help or seeming to be weak. We all struggle with life in different ways, you have no idea how much people you love or hardly know might be struggling. It's imperative that we pay attention to others and their body language, along with the words they speak. We won't be able to save everyone but I do believe that more can be done. We want to see prescription drug use regulated, the way our doctors prescribe drugs when someone is sick, and we desperately need the change! We're loosing way to many to prescription drugs. Digital Doodlers hopes to become more of the solution within the future to combat this universal problem the best we can. 

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