Celestial Watercolor Circles

Well, I finally did it!

What you might ask?

I finally used masking fluid with watercolors. I can definitely say, if you haven't tried this creative way to utilize your watercolor or other media, you're missing out. I never considered using these until I read Creative Watercolor & Mixed Media by Ana Victoria Calderon. 


Celestial Watercolor Circles

Play Around With Your Watercolor & Mixed Media Placement

By using masking fluid you will be able to obtain results that you can most likely try and achieve without it but it would be extremely difficult. Why make things difficult on yourself? Let's not do this. Some of the effects above couldn't be achieved with clean lines, of course we can now use Photoshop and other applications to help us edit our artwork but, let's just say you want to create a masterpiece with dope clean lines. This is how you do it, with masking fluid. I can't wait to explore other playful things to enhance my aesthetic. 

Watercolor Ocean Celestial Circle

You can use Digital Doodlers clipart and sublimation for many projects and fun DIY crafts. Personally, I am kind of obsessed with watching tumbler sublimation videos. The circle below is truly my fav! Just look at the cool effects watercolor creates and you can enlarge the circles for dope sublimation backgrounds.  

Celestial Circle Graphics

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